• Responsible for actions, organization of club activities, accounting of club members, representation of the organization at VGTU and ESN national and international levels.
  • Responsible for organizing the work of the Board, creating working conditions, providing technical information, submitting the necessary information and documents.
  • Responsible for communication and collaboration with ESN VGTU Alumni.
  • Preparing new members to the board.
  • he President may be replaced by the Vice-President or a member of the Board appointed by the Board in the absence of the President.


Vice president

  • Responsible for collecting and presenting to the President the activity reports of the Board;
  • Carries out monitoring of the committees' internal atmosphere and makes recommendations to the committee chair or coordinator and the president.
  • Prepares a strategy for attracting members and integrating new members.
  • Supervises and provides lists of new and existing members to the Board members.
  • Together with the President, organizes training for members and the Board.


Finance and marketing manager

  • Provides half-yearly and annual financial statements;
  • Creates the annual ESN VGTU budget together with the Board;
  • Carries out financial accounting;
  • Responsible for ESN VGTU attributes: orders, money collection, distribution of merchandise.
  • Looking for and cooperating with new and existing partners of ESN VGTU.
  • Coordinates and plans large trips with ESN VGTU partners.
  • Helps board members find venues for events;
  • Organizes small trips / excursions around Vilnius and Lithuania.
  • Organizes excursions to the Presidency, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.


Communication manager

  • Forming the image of ESN VGTU in social media
  • Manages official ESN VGTU social media channels;
  • Creates registration forms for events and gatherings;
  • Creates and updates the authentic content of ESN VGTU official website;


Events manager

  • Coordinates and organizes sports and healthy lifestyle events;
  • Coordinates and organizes entertainment, cognitive events;
  • In the first month of his mandate, he sets out the dates of the events in the work calendar and presents it to the Communication Manager;
  • Inform the Communication Manager about upcoming events at least 3 weeks before the event and provide all information about the events.


Social projects manager

  • Responsible for coordinating all 'SocialErasmus' project activities in ESN VGTU;
  • Coordinates and organizes traditional ESN VGTU social events every semester:
    • Cultural evenings (Erasmus student countries presentations / presentations).
    • Erasmus Fairytale (Foreign Students' Play in Children's Hospitals in Lithuanian)
    • LGBTQ;
    • Erasmus in School (Foreign Student Tours / Presentations at Local Lithuanian Schools)
    • Erasmus in Forest;
  • Organizes various cultural and social events every semester


Mentors manager

  • Attraction of new members to apply for mentorship programme in ESN VGTU:
  • Presentation of ESN VGTU Mentors Programme at VGTU SA Freshman Camps, Curator Programme, for Student Unions and Students overall.
  • Ensuring mentors competence:
    • Organization of mentoring training at least twice a year;
    • Preparing a mentor's guide, along with a Communication Manager and sharing with mentors after mentor training, no later than one week after the training;
  • Providing relevant information to mentors;
  • Helps foreign students to find volunteering practices in Lithuania;
  • Helps foreign students to find work places in Lithuania


Media manager

  • Coordinates the work of the Committee.
  • Finish assignments on time, which are given to Committee, along with Committee members.
  • Creates a visual for ESN VGTU social media.


IT Coordinator

  • Actively collaborates with Communication Manager on organizational matters;
  • Supervises and supplements the official ESN VGTU website;
  • Take care of the acquisition and maintenance of ESN VGTU IT hardware and software;
  • Advises and assists the Board and Section on various IT issues.



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