Erasmus in schools

12th of November 11.00 a.m. a group of enthusiastic students took the road to Šalčininkų 

Lietuvos Tūkstantmečio gymnasium, where they met the pupils and presented them ESN and 

Erasmus programme. Also Erasmus students, who participated in the event, presented their own 

countries: Taiwan, Nepal, Turkey and France. 

After all presentations, pupils told about what stereotypes they knew of those countries, 

they had an opportunity to play quiz with foreign students and guess from photos, what country 

was show and o course won the prizes as well.  

We were welcomed really warm and had nice time there, so it passed fast (about 3 p.m. 

we were already at home.). However, there are no doubts; Erasmus students left an impress for 

pupils that won’t disappear for long.