Hi dear international students,

As the Lithuanian summer is coming (or it already is) it is time for the yearly ESN bicycle trip! This Thursday it is time to do a nice bicycle trip around Vilnius. We will be heading to Belmontas, Puškorių atodanga and so on.
During the trip we will have several breaks to enjoy the beautiful Lithuania views. Because of the long day it is necessary to bring your own lunch/drinks. We will stop at several occasions there will be plenty of stops to enjoy the food and drinks you brought.

The event will start at 11.00am, in front of West express and from there we will start. In the evening we will be arriving in back to renting place which means that the trip lasts the approx. 5-6 hours depending on group speed.

If you want to join this this nice day than please come to ESN room to pay tomorrow.

WHAT: ESN VGTU Bicycle Trip
WHEN: Thursday 19 May
WHERE: Starting next to West express.
HOW MUCH: €7 for bike, free if you have your own bike

▲Trip is organized by ESN VGTU

✉ Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact:

For more information contact me:
☑ Darius Domarkas [email protected]

19/05/2016 - 11:00 to 17:00