Studies, travels, partying - are essentials for a great semester abroad, however have you thought about doing something really special?
For example, discovering what is outside the student lifestyle in Lithuania? ⁉
Or creating unique memories about Lithuania by bringing a good cause?
Join SocialErasmus week!

Check out the program and description below:
3rd of April Monday - ANIMAL SHELTER

Have a pet at home and really miss it? Think that each animal deserves love and shelter? Then come and play with our fluffy friends!
(Spots are limited)

4th of April Tuesay- ERASMUS FOREST

One person produces about 2 kg of waste everyday.ℹ
Not critically if it goes to garbage bins and recycled.✔
However, have you realised how much waste we leave outside the city streets?
Let's go together to Sauletekis' woods and see ourself.
You will be surprised from the things you will find there!

5th of April Wedn. - SPORT DAY

Let's have a run around Sauletekis and dormitories...
...Aaaand later have a master class by a black belt kung fu fighter Paula Sprink who spent two years In China training martial arts in specialised academy.

6th of April Thurs. -MOVIE NIGHT

After all this active events, let's have a relaxing evening together watching a movie.
This movie night will be special - we will watch something that might let you look differently towards the world.

P.S. And we willl have PIZZAS


Do you remember those days when you were still in highschool, thinking what the future holds for you? I'm sure you haven't even thought back then, that you will be an exchange student somewhere far from your country.
Now its your time to share your first impression as exchange student
with Lithuanian High School students and learn something about Lithuanian education System.

We will go to a town nearby Vilnius, called Kalveliai.
Places are limited so take a spot and register (we will post registration soon)
From this semester you are not just a student - you are ERASMUS student. A student who has an enourmous power to create a new FUTURE GENERATION, a new world where discrimination and violence have no place!
Are you ready to leave your mark?
Questions⁉Contact Kamila Tlegenova☺

03/04/2017 - 09:00 to 07/04/2017 - 17:00