ESN VGTU and VGTU IRO organised a Trip to Trakai.

The bus from VGTU main campus to Trakai will be free!! (Sadly we only have limited seats, so be sure to register on 29th)

ACTIVITIES that you will attend: Trakai Castle is one of the TOP visited tourist sites in Lithuania. And You MUST visit it! Education program (workshop) - During this workshop you will be introduced to Kibinai - a traditional pastry of the Trakai region. And the most fun part is that You will be able to make it and then eat it! Also You will have some free time to explore the small city of Trakai, get a cup of coffee or buy some souvenirs. Because some of the Activities are NOT FREE, please have money on hand - (Kibinai workshop 6 EUR per person) - (Trakai castle 4 EUR per person for students)