18 of December, in Cultural bar ‘Kablys’ we had celebrated our last time together like real family.

Goodbye party’14 rocked like never before because the theme was ‘Age of Rock’. Everybody looked amazing with special costumes, makeup and haircuts!

For more pictures press:  here

 Also we rewarded seven nominees such as

  • ‘Best erasmus’
  •  ‘Traveler’
  •  ‘Most social erasmus’
  • ‘Party animal’
  •  ‘Couple of semester’
  • ‘Funniest erasmus’
  •  ‘Smartest erasmus’.

So many students came to congratulate friends and spend time with their fellows in the last party this semester.We had a wonderful time, but we are still a bit upset about you leaving Vilnius... 

ESN VGTU dream team thanks to all participants! And hopes to see you soon again at reunion!