Cultural evening of Portugal, France, Bulgaria and Czech Republic took place on February 25th!

It was soooo nice to taste (in all meanings) these cultures this Wednesday! Nice presentations of Portugal and Czech Republic, dances and games from Bulgaria and France!

Let's not be subjective and listen what is Erasmus student opinion about The first Cultural evening (which was Lithuanians) to have even more precise opinion:

 "I think it's nice to get some knowledge about the country we live in for half a year. It was also nice, to see the traditional clothes and the folk dance the food was nice, I tried some of it personaly."

And the second one:

" I have no idea lithuanian's has so energetic dances, that was really fun"

But as you know, words still can't say everything, so look at the pictures.

2# Cultural Evening passed so fast, but no worries, there are three more. So see you in the next one at 18th of March!