“Erasmus fairytale”

“Once upon a time there were amazing Erasmus students, who decided to tell a fairytale…”

Looking for the students, who were ready to accept the challenge to learn and memorize quite  a considerable part of Lithuanian text, was the first step, to begin the project “Erasmus fairytale” that has already become ESN VGTU tradition. Just few days aaand VUALIA! The group of enthusiastic students was founded, the hard work started and last more than a month, but now you can see the result. A Lithuanian fairytale “Kodėl aš nieko neturiu“succeed! In one month we performed even 5 times!

We visited:

 1. 12th of December The oncologic unit of children in Santariškės

2. 15th of December The kindergarten “Atžalėlės”

3. 16th of December The primary school “Vyturys”

4. 16th of December on the evening we performed in VGTU URD Christmas event

5. 19th of December in Erasmus “Bye bye party”

You can see all the fairytale in the video: Erasmus fairytale

For more pictures press:  here


And let’s enjoy the photos of our performances, they definitely can express more than words!

Happy end!