Autumn semester is on its way – the weather is getting chilly, students are starting to remember what it’s like to do homework and ESN VGTU is starting this year with a first view of Erasmus orientation week in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. It was from 27th to 30th of August.

                             On the first day we had a welcoming seminar, that included a lot of presentations and speakers what seemed to be boring, but was actually really useful. Our international office made a bunch of different speeches and presentations about studies, rules and life in VGTU.  Some of them were surprised, some not so much, but everyone had their doubts and questions. Moreover we had a policeman that explained some of our Lithuanian laws that every student must know. These were pretty obvious to everyone, but it was better just to remind them a few more times.  In the evening, when the official part was over and all the lecturers left the auditorium, ESN VGTU dream team gathered around and everyone had an opportunity to know a bit more about ESN, about what to expect this semester. Later students had an opportunity to make ESN cards, ISIC cards, get their welcome packs and register for upcoming trips and events during the welcome week.

                             On the 28thErasmus students had their first lesson in VGTU, and not only a lesson, but a Lithuanian language one. After they have learned words like “labas”, “ačiū“, “į sveikatą“  and more, the students left to Vilnius city to explore its glory. Students have visited most of the famous architectural places like The Cathedral, Town Hall, Church of Ona, Gate of Dawn and more. Also streets like Pilies, Liuteratu, Stikliu, Vokieciu etc. The Tour around Vilnius gave students the first impression about our city and people.

                             Trip to Trakai was on the third day of our orientation week. Two big busses from VGTU central building set of in the morning. The students wanted to go to this trip so much, that some of them actually went with a train. When everyone met near the Trakai castle, two groups went inside, and one group to eat Kibinai. Then the groups switched. Evethough it started raining later, everyone had fun, we organised some getting to know games and other fun games to win traditional food.

The final day was special for everyone, because our Erasmus had a freshmen celebration! ESN VGTU team met everyone near the cathedral. All the students were separated in to teams, they had their team leaders (mentors) and what they had to do is follow the maps we gave them and look for checkpoints in Vilnius city. In each checkpoint the teams had to do different tasks, like talk in Lithuanian, pass an orange without touching it with your hands or take pictures with random people. After 5 – 6 checkpoints everyone met on the top of Gediminas Mountain. The team that was the first one had won a huge box of chocolate to reenergise. Afterwards everyone had to read the “Swear” of freshman.  Later that evening we had our Welcome party theme “Hawaiian”. The mad evening was in “POSH” dance club. It was a crazy night for everyone, lots of colours, dancing, games and friendly Erasmus students.

ESN VGTU welcome week passed by really quickly, but we have a whole semester in front of us! More events, more fun, more music, dancing and more Erasmus is coming.

Photo from trip to TRAKAI

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