On the 19th of March the Pub Quiz’15 took place and gave us many memorable moments.

Firstly, we are glad that so many students participated in this event. There were 20 teams of 5 people, so even 100 students had a chance to check their knowledge in the fields of music, geography, science, pictures and celebrities. It appears that science was the most difficult subject for everyone and the easiest task was to recognize pictures. Also, there was one extra task for team captains – they had to bring things from other people which the head of the event asked them to, and do it as fast as they could. It seems that this task caused a lot of excitement and provoked many different emotions. The winner team of this task got plus 3 points.

After all rounds, the points were counted and winner teams announced. 3rd place was taken by team „Erasmusas“, 2nd place went to team „Integrate” and the 1st place winner team was „Sin comentarious“. Congratulations! The winners were rewarded with a box of chocolate, souvenirs from VGTU University and a board game Jungle Speed. All teams proved that they are smart, competitive, learned some things they didn‘t know before and even improved their reaction skills. ESN VGTU organizational team enjoyed this Pub Quiz as much as the participants and hopes to see all of you in the upcoming events!