1. Tell us more about yourself?

- My Name is Patrick Schuchardt, I am from Germany, I am 21 years old, I am here in Lithuania for a study exchange program, my home university is Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen in Bad Hersfeld, A small city with a population of 10,000 people. My hobbies are table tennis, pool, singing, dancing, and football.

  1. What were you most known for, in your opinion?

- I will say Table tennis, which is the first thing I usually tell everybody, going to the gym is also a thing people know me for. I am also known as a good listener because I pay attention to things a lot, I also care so much about friendships which are one of those things people really appreciate about me.

  1. Why table tennis?

- Actually, I usually play lawn tennis at the age of nine years, and I played it for 5years which I was awful at it then I started to have to interest in Table Tennis when I was in higher school, we had some training with table tennis for Four weeks, and then I discover that I am good at this. Then I immediately switch from Lawn Tennis to Table Tennis. Ever since then I fall in love with playing Table Tennis.

  1. Why did you apply for the Erasmus Program? Would you do it again?

- I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to live and study in another country, although this is my first time going on the Erasmus program, and I really liked it, and hopefully, I would like to do it again if I had the opportunity.

  1. What were your goals arriving here?

- I wanted to learn to live independently, improve English, and much to learn. To try to experience new things by Leaving the place I’ve been living for 20 years already and get to know more people and other cultures.

  1. Why did you join ESN VGTU?

- Actually, I realized in the first 3 weeks. That I don't spend enough time with Erasmus students. I was always into volunteering, table tennis for example. I'm very active in my club organizing tournaments and organizing matches against other clubs and also in the University of my hometown. I really loved these organizational tasks. I saw ESN VGTU is a good choice and many ESN VGTU members advise me to join. Told me that this is exactly what I should join. all of my friends told me that I should not miss this opportunity Just do it now and you will not regret it and they were right.

  1. What was the expectations/reality coming here?

- Talking about expectations before I come here. As far as a didn't want to miss this opportunity. I was trying to avoid having many thoughts about it I was just trying not to have many expectations. Like jumping into the cold water as I would say without thinking too much.


   8. What did you experience a difference than when you were in your home country?

- I guess there isn’t much difference in my home country and Vilnius. The same type of people, same characteristics. But it's livelier and fun in Vilnius than my home country, and always some activity to do in Vilnius than my home country

  1. What you will miss/not miss the most?

 - I miss my volunteer work, I will miss the people, and the city itself because during the summer the City of Vilnius is amazing and a lot of fun which I will miss a lot. I think I will not miss the communication aspect because not all Lithuanian's like to communicate with everyone because of the English Language and sometimes shyness.

  1. What are the memories that you will keep close to your heart?

- I will always remember my tennis training because that it was one of the reasons I join the ESN VGTU Team, I will also remember all the trips with the ESN VGTU, I had a lot of people talking during the trips to different places and I keep this memory forever because it was really amazing.

  1. Why choose the city of Vilnius?

- Well, I found out this city is a nice place and more educated people. And there weren’t many universities to choose for a mechanical engineering study by my home university. I didn’t want to go to Spain or Turkey because the course subject is not going to teach in English.

  1. What will you take back to your home university?

- My university is really a small institute and We don’t have international students at all, most students are locals, I will share my experience in which I had Lithuania to my other colleagues in my home. I guess this will make them also want to go for the Erasmus program by getting out of your comfort zone and learn new things.