During the Orientation week (OW):

  • Guided Vilnius City Tour – with professional guides we are going to know Vilnius history and the basic information, or if you have questions, detailed information about Lithuania’s capital city and Lithuania’s history.
  • Trip to Trakai – tour around the most fabulous medieval castle in Lithuania. Tasting the traditional region meal Kibinai.


  • Trip to Rumsiskes – The trip on lithuanian’s called Uzgavenia event, or Pancake day. We are going to a festival to celebrate the day of ‘kicking’ the winter away from our land. Attention, during this festival we are burning a tall woman called More.
  • Trip to Riga – our neighbour’s capital city, the old-town, the pub-crawl...but before this, Lithuanian brewery castle in Birzai, with traditional greetings and dances!
  • Trip to Saint Petersburg – the most northern megacity Europe. We are spending there 4 night, having the small ship tour in the river canals.
  • Trip to Seaside – Lithuania’s coastline, summer capital Palanga, the seaport Klaipeda, and the UNESCO heritage Neringa with Nida.
  • Trip to Siauliai – most holy place I would say – The hill of crosses – 400 thousand of crosses, can you count them all? And ofcourse the city of Siauliai – also called Sun City!
  • Visiting Railway museum – interested with metal? Metal constructions? Trains and railways? Well, this tour will get you to know about Lithuania railway history, it’s used equipment, and even some educational programs.
  • Visiting Presidential palace – the president house-workplace. You want to see how it lookd and hear the facts and additional information about the palace – join ESN VGTU visits.
  • Visiting museums in Vilnius – if there will be interest. We will have visits to museums of Vilnius 

ESN VGTU Travel Committee

Organizes the trips for exchange students;

Organizes the excursions in and around Vilnius;

Giving information about the museums and other places of interest of Lithuania.


ESN VGTU Travel Committee active members

Tomas Milkevicius - Head of the committee, mentor,

Sandra Griskaite – member of committee, mentor,

Julija Ravinyte – member of committee, ESN SEABATTLE coordinator, ESN VGTU cultural evening coordinator,

Darius Domarkas – member of committee, mentor.