Timetravels is a Finnish tour operator that specialises in “experience travel” to Northern Lapland and Northwest Russia. Besides our scheduled departures we also offer tailored group tours to the most exciting places across in the Nordic area. All Timetravels destinations are run by dedicated teams of travel industry professionals who know their area inside out and take the greatest care of our wonderful tourists.

Timetravels’ action-packed trips are all about seeing unique places, meeting new people and having positive emotions. Our tour packages include transportation, accommodation, professional guidance and the best choice of cultural activities in your chosen destinations.

Passion - we love what we do.
Fresh and Fun - we are ready to make your journey unforgettable.
Trust - we trust our customers and our customers trust us - this is our Lucky Formula.
Embrace - our customers are our family and they have an impact on company’s decisions and quality.

Group travel is a sociable, memorable, cost-efficient way to explore the world. Timetravels has been organising trips to the North since 2006, so we really know how to make your visit hassle-free. While we take care of planning, booking, organising and unlocking special discounts, your responsibilities include, but are not limited to: having a great time, going to places you have never been before, learning new things and enjoying amazing activities with your fellow travellers. If you didn’t know already, you will soon find out that travelling with a well-organized group is tons more fun than going it alone!