• Represent organization in ESN national and international level.
  • Represent organization in VGTU.
  • Collaborate with university, Students association
  • Organize board members work
  • Organize Orientation week
  • Communicate with ESN VGTU Alumni
  • Supervise ESN galaxy and ESN platform.
  • Prepare delegates in ESN national or international events
  • Participate in ESN national and international events
  • Inform organization about changes in different ESN levels
  • Organize members local platforms
  • Initiate changes in organization
  • Help and support board members


Vice president

  • Help and support president
  • Collect board members reports
  • Organize members and board trainings
  • Take care organization and board internal atmosphere
  • Take care ESN office
  • Organize new members selections.
  • Integrate new members in organization.
  • Implement member motivation system.
  • Responsible for members list.
  • Participate in ESN vice president communication


Human Resources committee

Looks for new members, organizes training sessions.

Finance and marketing manager

  • Create annual financial statements
  • Create annual ESN VGTU budget together with board
  • Carry out an approved annual budget plan;
  • Carries out financial accounting;
  • Responsible for ESN VGTU attributes
  • Looking and cooperating with new and existing partners of ESN VGTU
  • Helps board members find venues for events;
  • Coordinate and plan large trips with ESN VGTU partners
  • Coordinate partnership committee


Partnerships Committee

Communicates with the National Partnerships coordinator of ESN Lithuania and current ESN VGTU and ESN Lithuania partners. Looks for new discount opportunities and partnership opportunities. Manages ESN cards.

Communication manager

  • Responsible for ESN VGTU identity manual
  • Form the image of ESN VGTU in social media
  • Manage official ESN VGTU social channels
  • Creates registration forms for events and gatherings;
  • Coordinate IT and PR coordinator works


Public Relations committee

Works to make ESN VGTU more visible, take pictures during events, makes videos and posters for ESN VGTU, writes various articles for the website, takes care of the ESN VGTU Facebook and Instagram page.

IT committee

Takes care of ESN VGTU website and updates information on the ESNapp.

Events manager

  • Organize or coordinate tradition ESN VGTU events like Welcome party, Goodbye party, Wild Wild fest.
  • Organize or coordinate sports and Healthy lifestyle events
  • Organize or coordinate entertainment and cognitive events
  • Organize tours in Lithuania presidential palace or parliament.
  • Organize trips or tours around Vilnius or Lithuania
  • Create events calendar
  • Register events in ESN platform
  • Coordinate Events committee work.


Events committee

In charge of organizing trips in Vilnius and inform about museums and other interesting places in Lithuania as well as organizing leisure events for incoming international students, spreading the word about national events in Lithuania, organizing annual events as Welcome party and Goodbye party.

Social project manager

  • Coordinate SocialErasmus project
  • Register project in ESN platform
  • Organize or coordinate tradition ESN VGTU project like Cultural evenings, Erasmus Fairytale, Erasmus in school, LGBTQ.
  • Organize various cultural and social events and projects.


Mentor manager

  • Organize mentors’ selections.
  • Represent ESN VGTU mentors’ program in VGTU SA Freshman campus.
  • Organize mentors’ trainings
  • Divide registered mentors for incoming students
  • Organize international students survey about mentors
  • Create and share mentor guide
  • Consult mentors
  • Create events for mentors
  • Coordinate ESN Moving Europe project
  • Help incoming students find work and internship.


If you are interested you can become a member: